Best Am3+ CPU Cooler : Reviews and Buying Guide

Let’s talk about the best CPU coolers. While all processors come with a stock cooler, they’re not a long-term option. This is especially true of the overclocker who builds the ultimate gaming computer. Does it sound like you? Typically, a stock cooler will not be able to provide CPU cooling to a diehard gamer. Especially when they record all those extra hours of play.

The CPU cooler isn’t always the first upgrade you think about when you start to rebuild your computer. Yet it should be. There may be other epic updates that will improve your gameplay. But a CPU cooler will allow you to ensure that all of your components keep running and that the computer as a whole performs better.

TOP 3 Best CPU Coolers Comparison

Image Product Price
Cooler Master RR-212S-20PC-R1 Hyper 212 RGB Black Edition CPU Air Cooler 4 Direct Contact Heat Pipes 120mm RGB Fan<br><br>

Cooler Master RR-212S-20PC-R1 Hyper 212 RGB Black Edition CPU Air Cooler 4 Direct Contact Heat Pipes 120mm RGB Fan

Corsair Hydro H60 Liquid CPU Cooler

Corsair Hydro H60 Liquid CPU Cooler

DEEPCOOL RGB CPU Cooler, Aura Sync, 4 Heat pipes 120mm RGB Fan Universal Socket Solution

DEEPCOOL RGB CPU Cooler, Aura Sync, 4 Heat pipes 120mm RGB Fan Universal Socket Solution



CPU coolers are also essential to keeping everything, including your funky new graphics card, to last a long time. You don’t want to buy components only to have to buy them back later.

Cooler Master Hyper 212 Rgb Black Edition

Best Value for Money

  • Quiet
  • RGB lighting is nothing fancy
  • Direct contact heat pipes
  • As it is made with lower quality materials, it requires more maintenance.
  • Easy to install
  • High performance
  • Double fans

Product Description

Cooler Master brings its best game with the new edition, the 212 Black model. Aesthetically, you can’t beat it, from its nickel-plated fins to its finished aluminum top cover, all brushed in a classic black.

While it looks like the centerpiece, it also tops the list for its functionality. It has 4 heating pipes with their own patented technology. This makes it possible to manage the heat more efficiently by keeping a direct connection to the central unit.

The stacked fin design keeps airflow resistance as low as possible. Its wide range of speeds contributes to higher performance and less noise. In addition, it is offered at a reasonable price considering the quality and is easy to install. Indeed, it is universally compatible with AMD and Intel sockets.

Overall this head unit is the best value we could find while delivering high-quality performance. It checks the boxes on compatibility and as it is an air filter. It is offered at a good price.

Deepcool Gammaxx GT BK

Best Air Cooler

  • Best budget CPU cooler you can get.
  • Compatible with all sockets (Intel or AMD)
  • Only air cooling
  • Good quality material at a low price
  • Direct contact heat pipes

Product Description

The gammaxx Deepcool is the best budget CPU cooler you can get. Although it still has some interesting features, all in a compact and clean design.

It is equipped with maximum heat dispersion technology thanks to its 4 copper pipes that connect directly to the central unit. This not only dissipates heat more efficiently but also more quickly. It is also equipped with an LED light, which makes it look cool with the rest of your computer.

It is also compatible with all sockets.

DeepCool is a well-known company in the CPU cooling world, so you can trust the product. Moreover, with a price tag like this, it’s a great option for anyone on a tight budget. Or for anyone who just wants to spend their money on a luxury graphics card.

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Corsair H115i RGB Platinum AIO

Best CPU Liquid Cooler

  • Customizable fan speed and lighting with iCue
  • Expensive
  • Incredible cooling power
  • At high speed, it can be a bit noisy
  • Funky lighting

Product Description

Corsair has long conquered the CPU cooling scene with its liquid coolers and the H115i is leading the pack. It is equipped with two 140mm magnetically levitated fans that provide amazing airflow and efficient cooling with minimal noise. It’s large 280mm radiator helps to control and reduce noise levels even further.

Furthermore, the Corsair H115i Pro is fully controlled by its iCue program. iCue lets you control RGB lighting and fan speed directly in the program. Now that we are on the topic of RGB lighting, the options are crazy and make your computer even flashier.

In the liquid cooling game, Corsair is our trump card. This stand-alone system has superfluous lighting but also offers extremely high performance. This is a great option if you have stronger components and need that extra level of cooling. Therefore, the high technical characteristics of this cooler can mitigate the most extreme heat.

Thermaltake Water 3.0 Riing Series

Best CPU Air Cooler 2021

  • Universal compatibility with all sockets
  • Easy to install
  • High speeds
  • High-quality parts used for extreme heat protection
  • Capable of spinning at up to 2000 rpm
  • Customizable rainbow LEDs

Product Description

There might not be gold at the end of these rainbows, but you’ll find one of the most user-friendly CPU coolers on the market. By rainbow, we mean this cooler whose fans are equipped with bright rainbow LEDs.

It can switch between 5 different LED modes, which include solid colors, or rotate through all the colors of the rainbow. It is fully customizable and controlled by an intelligent controller. The controller has speed control that allows you to slow down the fan and reduce noise when you need it.

It’s incredibly easy to set up and available in 240mm (2 fans) or 360mm (3 fans) depending on how hard you play.

For anyone who wants a user-friendly, trackable CPU cooler, the Thermaltake Water 3.0 is a fun and functional choice.

Nofan CR-80EH

Best Compact CPU Cooler

  • No sound!
  • Very tall
  • Limited compatibility

Product Description

Its name says it all. This unique, South Korean-designed CPU cooler cools your computer without using a fan.

How? ‘Or’ What? The exact way it works is a trade secret. What we do know is that it’s cooled with their patented IcePipe in a process called convection cooling. The hose is small and filters hot air through the liquid and comes out cooled on the other side.

The cooler doesn’t make any noise, so if you want to eliminate fan noise, this is the way to go. The downside is that it is not compatible with all processors. You will need to check if yours is on the list of options before purchasing it.

It doesn’t offer a high enough level of cooling for a massive overclock. However, if you don’t need an inordinate amount of horsepower, it might be a good option.

This innovative CPU cooler could be a game-changer someday. For now, it’s struggling to keep up with the performance of conventional air and liquid coolers. On the other hand, the fact that it is silent is a huge advantage.

Arctic Freezer Xtreme

Best CPU Cooler for Overclocking

  • Designed to effectively eliminate noise
  • No direct airline, so it is important that it is installed correctly.
  • Universal compatibility
  • Great heat dispersion

Product Description

This universal and easy to assemble CPU cooler provides efficient cooling with very low noise since it is an air cooler. This is due to its uniquely designed impeller and fan mount which helps eliminate jarring that contributes to noise.

The fan speed is automatically adjusted according to the temperature of the central unit. It remains particularly quiet when the CPU is operating at a lower temperature. It is cooled by 4 individual heat pipes which efficiently disperse heat.

Therefore, it’s easy to set up and you just need to plug it in to play.

For one of the quietest air coolers on the market, the Arctic Freezer Xtreme will effectively cool your CPU. It will do this without the noise associated with most CPU coolers. Its reasonable price is an added bonus.

Noctua Nh-D15

Double Tower for Ultimate Cooling

  • 6-year warranty
  • It is larger and may not fit in some computer towers
  • Low noise level
  • Aesthetically, a little boring
  • Good value for money

Product Description

What makes this CPU cooler so great is that it is an air cooler, which works like a liquid cooler. But its price is not very high.

The Noctua brand may not be a household name in the gaming world, but its performance doesn’t lie. Plus, if you’re still not sure, it comes with a 6-year warranty, so no need to worry about it breaking.

It has a double tower for ultimate cooling potential, but it is very quiet when it comes to the noise level.

While not as flashy as a lot of other CPU coolers, this one focuses on the operation. For the price, you get the performance of liquid cooling in an air cooling device. So if you are not bothered by the aesthetic aspect then this product could be a great choice for you.

MasterLiquid ML120R ARGB Cooler

Compact Liquid Cooler

  • A bright and flashy rainbow
  • On the price side
  • High-quality materials

Product Description

This compact liquid cooler is the smallest on our list, but it still packs incredible cooling power. It is one of the most beautiful on the planet, with its rainbow-colored light diodes.

In addition, it has a low resistance radiator. This means higher throughput, which ensures that your processor does not overheat and all of your components last much longer.

This small but powerful CPU cooler is one of the nicest coolers on the market. And as an added bonus, it doesn’t take up much space inside your computer.

Be Quite! Dark Rock 4

Best Budget am3 CPU Cooler

  • High-quality cooler
  • Expensive
  • Supports the majority of CPU sockets
  • No colorful LEDs (if you’re into that stuff)
  • Powerful performance

Product Description

The guys behind Dark Rock 4 don’t care about the flashing lights and colors. Their classic and sleek black air cooler works flawlessly and doesn’t need visual distractions.

Its performance is comparable to other coolers of similar size, with six copper heat pipes that provide excellent heat dispersion. The blades are virtually silent, which underlines its qualities as a Batman.

With its brushed aluminum cover and diamond finish, it just looks expensive, and it is. But if you’re willing to let the money go, you won’t be disappointed.

This high-quality air cooler may cost you dearly, but with its fancy design and more sophisticated performance, it’s a great investment.

Corsair Hydro Series H60 AIO

Liquid CPU Cooler

  • Tubes are guaranteed to be leak-free
  • The style of the blower
  • Small and compact design that can fit small PC bodies

Product Description

You may have smaller computers and you may not be able to use a larger cooler. This low-profile liquid cooler will be a great option for you. It can fit in the smallest of PC cases and can keep up with high-heat PCs. It is even able to keep up with overheated PCs. Additionally, this CPU cooler uses a high-pressure blowing fan which provides efficient yet quiet liquid cooling.

This cooler does not come with all the bells and whistles. But if you can’t fit full-scale models into your computer, this compact design will be perfect for you.

A quality CPU cooler is one of the most important, if not the most important, components of your build. It may not improve graphics or sound. What it will improve is the life and function of all your other components.

Moreover, overheating can cause serious damage to the CPU and other internal modules. It is essential for their performance that they are kept constantly cool. Plus, there are some pretty cool designs that can add aesthetic value to your build.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a CPU cooler and what does it do for your computer?

CPU stands for Central Processing Unit, which is actually the main unit that powers everything on your computer. It has a tough job to do and just like when you do a hard workout, it gets hot. This is where the CPU cooler comes in. It will keep your computer at a working temperature so that it can keep running without overheating. When it overheats, it slows down and can cause long-term damage to your components.

For games, you need high-performance computers for the best experience. A CPU cooler will ensure that all of your other components are performing at their best. The more advanced and powerful your computer, the more powerful you will need a cooler to cool all the components.

But how, you ask, do you choose the best for you?

There are a ton of CPU coolers available on the market today. They are available in all kinds of sizes and shapes, as well as in bright colors. In the end, the best for you comes down to a few factors. These include how many games you play, how much you need to spend, and how much processor you have.

If you’re strapped for cash, it’s relatively cheap to get an air cooler. On the other hand, if you have a few dollars aside, investing in a liquid cooler will give you a high return. Let’s take a closer look at what the two types of coolers actually do.

The Two Types of CPU Coolers

Air Cooling

Air-cooled CPU coolers are the most accessible and affordable you can get. They use traditional fans to cool your components because this option is efficient and relatively inexpensive. They combine the use of the fan with a heat sink. A heat sink is used to extract heat from the components that are primarily responsible for it. The fan turns on automatically when it feels it gets too hot. The hot air will then be evacuated from the housing.

Most people choose an air cooler because it is reliable, trustworthy, and the easiest to obtain. They can also withstand a high level of heat.

Liquid Cooling

Liquid coolers offer a higher level of performance than traditional air coolers. They run much quieter and also tend to look better. They are not necessary for a standard running CPU, but those who use it heavily may need additional cooling power. Liquid coolers can be more complicated to install, but once installed they will perform at a very high standard.

One of the concerns with liquid coolers is that they can leak or rust after a while of use. This is due to the liquid in the cooler. Fortunately, most chillers now have a closed-loop system to prevent leaks.

Liquid coolers basically work by passing heat from components through a coolant. They are the best choice for heavy gamers or for those who want to push their computer to its limits. While they may run at a higher price, you are paying for the insane performance and, in general, the flashy design.

Things to consider

Choosing a CPU cooler should take into account how you use your computer and how much cooling power you need. There are many options out there, so you can find the one that’s right for you. Whichever you choose, there are a few more things to consider when considering cooling options.


When you search for a cooler, you will notice that it mentions RPMs or revolutions per minute. This tells you how fast the fan is running. You might think that a faster fan means more cooling power, but that’s not necessarily true. A fan doesn’t create cold air, it just moves it. The faster your fan spins, the more air passes through it, but that is only part of the cooling job.

You also have to consider the size of the heat sink and the fan itself.

If you have a large fan, even if its speed is low, you will get good air circulation. On the other hand, if you have a large heat sink, it will better disperse the heat from your components.

It is also important to consider that the higher the speed, the louder the fan makes. So, contrary to popular belief, it may be better to have a fan with lower spin turns. That is, as long as the fan has a decent size and a heat sink.

In general, low or high speeds do not necessarily dictate the performance level of a chiller.

Does this fit?

It is important to pay attention to the sockets on your computer. This will determine if the cooler is compatible or not. Both types of standard plugs come from Intel and AMD, but there are many models of each type.

The majority of coolers are designed to be universally compatible with all outlets, but there are some that are not. It is always a good idea to check with the cooler you are considering purchasing, in case it is not compatible.

How to take care of your CPU cooler?

As with any equipment, the better you take care of it, the longer it will last. Caring for your CPU cooler is of the utmost importance. A well-performing cooler will ensure the rest of your components stay cool and increase their longevity. So how do you take care of it? There are three main steps to taking care of your cooler.

  • Make sure there is good air circulation. Air must be properly channeled so that heat can be effectively removed from inside the computer base. Try to make sure that all of your components have enough space and are not squashed against each other. This will allow air to move around everything easily and allow the cooler to do its job.
  • It allows you to stay cool, and keep all your components clean and free of dust. Dust can easily settle in complex parts of your computer, so it’s important to do regular cleaning to keep everything running smoothly.
  • Choose a cooler suitable for the size of your computer and its use. The most essential way to take care of your cooler is to choose a model that’s right for you. Buying a cooler that works exactly the way you need it will prevent you from unnecessary fatigue with a computer that can’t keep up.

With all of the above factors and features in mind, we set out to find the best CPU coolers on the market. With a template to suit every need, we’ve reviewed our top 10 picks. This will help you choose the one that fits your personal needs and your budget.

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