Best Touchscreen Laptops

When choosing a laptop, one of the main factors is the display. A touchscreen display is the best option because it makes it easier to use your laptop with one hand. The best touchscreen laptops are the Dell XPS 13, HP Spectre, and Microsoft Surface Book.

Buying a laptop is a big decision. There is a lot of research to be done before committing to a purchase. Your choice of laptop can impact the rest of your digital life. The best touchscreen laptops make the decision a lot easier. These laptops have a touchscreen and come with features such as a digital pen, which can be handy for digital note taking. These laptop are typically lightweight, easy to carry and on the go.

Here’s a detailed buying guide for the best touchscreen laptops around to suit your budget and your needs!

Comparison of the Top Touchscreen Laptops

Image Product Feature Price
Top Pick
Microsoft Surface Laptop 3
Screen Size 13.5 inch Item Weight 3.40 lbs Operating System Windows 10 Home Check On Amazon
Acer Chromebook Spin 311
Screen Size 11.6 inches Item Weight 4.21 pounds Operating System Chrome OS Check On Amazon
Lenovo Flex 5 14″ 2-in-1 Laptop
Screen Size 14 inches Item Weight 3.63 lbs Operating System Windows 10 Check On Amazon

1# Microsoft Surface Laptop 3

the best touchscreen laptop for Students



Microsoft, everyone is well aware of this brand, which notably markets the most widely used operating system in the world: Windows. But the brand has also been involved in the production of Smartphones, tablets, etc. We can say that Microsoft’s product lines are quite varied. In fact, since 2012, it has launched the first generation of tablet PCs, to give the best of a tablet and a PC. This model, which appeared quite recently, is quite simply a masterpiece. Here are some details.

The Strong Points

Very good quality of finish: In the high end, Microsoft knows very well how to make the powder speak. It is especially the soft Alcantara fabric that covers the grip area that attracts attention. Of course, to each their own, but several users have loved it. Apart from that, the keyboard offers great ease of use, just like the touchpad for that matter. This without forgetting the exterior aluminum finish, which gives it a touch of sobriety, very classy.

Very good screen: This ultraportable is also equipped with one of the best touch screens on the market. Indeed, it offers an IPS panel with a high definition at 2256 x 1504 pixels, with a display ratio of 3: 2, and not 16: 9 like what is usually found on this type of product. In any case, for office automation, for surfing the net, for various tasks, we can only appreciate the high quality of this screen.

Very good autonomy: On paper, Microsoft speaks of autonomy which can exceed 14 hours. The maximum autonomy announced is notably 14.5 hours to be more precise. But even if some users managed to get it until 9 am in reality, in addition to sustained use, it remains at a very good average. Indeed, it, therefore, corresponds to a whole day of non-stop work, with a little juice for the return home.

Heat and noise well contained: These criteria are obviously among those that interest consumers because they are among those which condition the comfort of use. It turns out that with this ultraportable, heat and noise are very well contained. The device does not heat up very little, and the noise rarely reaches 37 dB (A).

An optimized machine: You can imagine that if Microsoft designed this machine, it is because it has been optimized so that its operating system – in particular the Windows 10 S version for this model – is formidable in terms of performance. You will also benefit from several applications certified by the brand, little extras that can make the difference.

The weak Spots

Limited connectivity: One could have said that perfection does not exist. Turns out, this 2-in-1 touchscreen laptop isn’t exactly for gamers. The brand has designed other products for this. We will rather regret the lack of connections, including the absence of an SD card reader.

2# Lenovo Flex 5 14″

Best 2 in 1 Laptop



If you can’t imagine investing in a touchscreen laptop over $1,000 at all, then the Lenovo touchscreen laptop with pen may be the model for you. The reputation of the Lenovo brand in the field of laptops is well established, it is a brand that is among the market leaders. So of course, the flagship model remains the IdeaPad Flex. But the brand has designed a much less expensive model, therefore with excellent value for money, the IdeaPad Flex. Here are some of its biggest features.

The strong points

2 in 1: We’re talking about a laptop here but above all a touch screen. Precisely, this model fulfills these two functions at the same time. It can play the role of a laptop, just like that of a tablet, thanks to its touch screen. The latter can even rotate up to 360° so that the device turns into a tablet (quite large, however). The device can also take the form of a “tent”, effective for viewing your favorite series and films. Thus, it is considered as one of the best 2 in 1 laptops.

Ultraportable: This device falls into the ultraportable category, despite its somewhat heavy-than-average weight. Indeed, if most ultraportables are in the 1.25 kg, it displays a small 1.75 kg, which still allows you to easily take it with us in a bag and follow us everywhere.

Good finishes: If you prefer sober, no-frills devices, then the Lenovo Flex is sure to please. It benefits from a good finish with a mix of aluminum and plastic. We also notice its precise cuts and its beveled edges, giving it a look that is both modern and refined.

Connectivity well-supplied: While most ultraportables ignore certain connections, often for lack of space, the Flex offers us a complete connection, namely an HDMI port, a USB Type-C port, two USB 3.0 ports, a 3.5mm jack, and an SD card reader. Everything is there to help you work more efficiently with your machine.

Heats very little: It must be said that Lenovo masters this subject well, since, even when the machine is particularly stressed, it heats very little, to almost 41°C towards the rear grille. On sensitive parts such as the input zone, the temperature is perfectly contained, not exceeding 34° C.

The Weak Spots

Limited performance: As said above, Lenovo Flex is a not very expensive version, which is felt not only in terms of price but also in terms of performance. This device is more intended for office automation and for surfing the web. It still allows you to run some 2D games. Its autonomy is not one of its strengths either.

3# Acer Chromebook Spin 311 Convertible Laptop

Best Cheap touchscreen Laptop



If you’re not yet one of those who invest more than $500 in a laptop, then maybe this best touch screen laptop under $500 might interest you. If you’re new to Chromebooks, be aware that they are different from other laptops. They use the Chrome OS operating system, which is lighter and smoother than Windows. No need for a large memory either, as this machine is specially designed to be connected, cloud storage is its new way of doing things. This one happens to be among the best on the market, in terms of a Chromebook.

The Strong Points

Powerful: You could say that a MediaTek Quad-Core processor with 4 GB of RAM is a low-power and old-fashioned configuration for a laptop. However, it works like hell on a Chromebook, once again thanks to the Chrome OS operating system, which just breathes full lungs with this config. Starting up, launching an application, surfing the web, everything runs smoothly on this device.

Versatile: This touchscreen laptop will satisfy you in any position. In laptop mode, presentation mode, tent mode, tablet mode, it will adapt to all your desires. In addition, it benefits from a very good design, giving it great robustness.

Very good connection speed: As said above, this machine is designed to be connected. It benefits from a very good connection speed, and notably embeds WiFi MIMO 2 × 2 802.11ac, while supporting two data flows in each direction, in order to optimize its performance as much as possible in terms of connectivity.

A monstrous autonomy: If most ultraportables struggle to exceed 8 hours of autonomy, this one even allows itself to display a mocking smile because it is among the few capable of reaching up to 12 hours. This will allow you to do a whole day’s work with it, or even a day and a half without load.

Quiet: This Chromebook benefits from a fanless design, which makes it particularly quiet.

The comfort of use: This machine offers a certain comfort of use, with its keyboard and its touchpad which are particularly pleasant. The touchscreen is also responsive. However, beware of fingerprints which can quickly soil the screen which is still quite wide at 13 inches.

The Weak Spots

Brightness: It turns out that the screen and the sun don’t mix. Reflections are important when using the machine outdoors. This can be problematic for use in a car, on a tram, etc.

The following are some of other best touchscreen laptops you can select:

4# Lenovo YOGA 730-13IWL

The 13-inch touchscreen laptop



Lenovo is a brand known and recognized for its lightweight laptops and other ultrabooks. The Chinese manufacturer is also famous for its tablets with excellent value for money. This Yoga model from Lenovo is also convertible into a touchscreen tablet. Supplied with Windows 10, it has a 13-inch high definition screen, 8 GB of RAM, 256 GB of SSD storage, a 720p HD webcam, 1 HDMI port, and 3 USB 3 ports. Features polished aluminum surfaces and a hinge 360 ° swivel that allows you to easily switch from tablet mode to portable mode and vice versa, the Yoga 730 is just as stylish as it is adaptable. It is available in onyx black, mineral gray, and in a brand new blue. The latest generation of Intel Core i5 processors deliver up to 40% performance gains thanks to unprecedented touchscreen and stylus responsiveness,. Among the downsides, the screen panel is shiny which makes the fingerprints very visible. Finally, the device is a bit heavy to carry in tablet mode.

5# Microsoft Surface Pro 7

Best 2-in-1 Laptops 2021



Surface Pro 7 strikes the perfect balance between computer performance and tablet versatility. Developed by Microsoft itself, this product is of exemplary quality. It quickly switches from laptop mode to touchscreen tablet mode: close the integrated multi-position foot and remove or fold the keyboard for a powerful and stand-alone tablet. The Pro 7 offers both USB-C and USB-A ports for connection to displays, docking stations, flash drives, and more. Faster than the Pro 6, this latest generation includes the latest generation Intel Core processor and improved graphics. We find in this machine a magnificent screen, an always excellent finish, high performance, and above all its rear hinge still useful for changing modes in a flash. The icing on the cake, with less than 78 grams, this model, available in two colors (black or platinum) is absolutely light. In short, the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is perfect and well deserves its first place!

6# Dell Inspiron 13-7391

Best Touchscreen Laptop for Drawing



Like HP, Dell is a high-quality computer manufacturer, which is once again noticeable with this model of touchscreen PC. The Dell Inspiron 13-7391 display and sound are breathtaking. Images are displayed as vividly as the real world. Waves MaxxAudio Pro software makes every tone purer, delivering studio-quality sound. The tablet mode is bluffing of efficiency, visual comfort, and ease of use, thanks to a high-quality touch screen. The graphics card is good and allowed me to play multiple games without any lag or latency, although it can sometimes heat the device up a bit. The storage capacity of the dell touchscreen laptop is very comfortable (512 GB) and uses an SSD, for a very responsive use of the various software.

7# HP Pavilion x360

best laptop 2021



HP is a brand that needs no introduction: known and recognized for its PCs, it equips a large part of companies around the world. But the general public can also benefit from the quality of its products, and in particular its touchscreen laptops. The durable 360-degree hinge of this Pavilion x360 14-cd0001nf allows you to find the perfect position for working, writing, watching, and playing. A narrow bezel design allows this 14 “(35.6 cm) diagonal display to fit into a 13” (33 cm) frame, for a small footprint wherever you are: convenient! Especially since with an autonomy of about 9 hours, this PC gives you all the mobility required for your daily life. The 1080p Full HD screen is very well made, the colors are beautiful and the contrast is almost exemplary for this type of PC. The sleek design and impressive performance of this PC have earned it the “New Generation PC” label awarded by Microsoft.

Touchscreen laptop or tablet?

First of all, it should be clear what is meant by a touchscreen laptop PC. This is a laptop computer with a touch screen. On some models, you can detach the physical keyboard, on others, the screen can be folded up 360° to hide the keyboard. But the differences between a touchscreen laptop and a tablet go far beyond a simple keyboard issue. Here are just a few, to help you choose better.


A touchscreen laptop PC embeds the same operating systems found on conventional PCs. The configurations (processor, graphics card, RAM memory, etc.) are also close, which allows them to perform more advanced tasks, for example by launching a professional office suite (Microsoft Office), by performing photo retouching, by launching games dedicated to PCs, etc.

Rather, a tablet is designed in the same way as a smartphone. It is even often less efficient. It is especially suitable for browsing the Internet, for going on social networks, for checking emails, for reading e-books, for launching mobile games, etc.


Touch-sensitive laptops also benefit from a much more permissive memory. Granted, Chromebooks are a bit limited on this point as well, but Chromebooks benefit from a number of online storage options, and often have an SD card reader, USB port, etc. While tablets, once again, work like Smartphones, with fairly limited capacities (8, 16, 32 GB).

In the end, it will all depend on your needs and the type of use you expect.

How to choose your touchscreen laptop? Buying Guide

You want to buy a touchscreen laptop, that is, a machine that plays the role of a regular laptop, but with an additional touchscreen. But on such a machine there are many components, which may vary from model to model, brand to brand. But then, what criteria should be used to make the right choice? Here are some interesting leads.

Screen Size

The size often ranges from 10 to 14 inches. The price will also follow this variation. Everything will depend on your needs. For example, a 10-inch slab may be sufficient for reading e-books, checking emails, writing texts, surfing the web, etc. But for this type of use, you can just as easily be satisfied with a simple classic tablet. For more advanced uses, there is nothing like having a larger screen, but it will be necessary to accept the excess weight and bulk accordingly.

The Resolution

This is nothing new, high resolution offers certain ease of use. But on rather small screens, having a really very high resolution seems rather useless, unless you do heavy tasks like creating or editing photos. A resolution in Full HD (1920 x 1080) is largely sufficient if you only use it as an intermediate machine (the time to get to your real PC). We still find devices in HD (1280 x 720), which can also satisfy the less demanding.

The Power

Here everything will also depend on your needs. If your machine does not just provide office needs or to consult emails, web pages, to read a few movies or series in the meantime, no need for a monster of power. On the other hand, if you plan to run very resource-intensive tasks, then you will have to bet on more powerful configurations, with more powerful graphics cards (3D games, photo editing, etc.).


On this type of device, the memory capacity varies greatly from one model to another. Indeed, a touchscreen SSD laptop can offer you 256 GB of memory, while another will offer you only 32 GB, like most Chromebooks. However, the latter compensates with a wide choice of online storage, and often with the existence of a USB port. In any case, it is always better to have some memory available offline.


As with any portable machine, autonomy is a particularly important selection criterion. If previously, a laptop computer had trouble exceeding 2 hours of use, today we can meet machines that can withstand up to 12 hours, but these are quite rare. It will therefore be necessary to verify this criterion at the time of purchase, to avoid any disappointment. In general, the good average is within 8 hours with normal use, which allows at least a day of autonomy.

The Keyboard

Here, we will not talk about the keyboard itself (keys, features, etc.), but rather its ability to fold up. As the screen is touch-sensitive, the keyboard can therefore be “erased”. On most devices, the keyboard can fold up 360 °, but this feature may not be found on all devices. It also allows many possible modes of use, classic mode, presentation mode, tent mode, and tablet mode. On some models, the keyboard can even be completely detached from the device.

The Connection

Touchscreen laptops are often very thin, there is often very little room to provide full connectivity. However, this is an important option since, for example, memory is also often limited, in which case it will be better to have a USB port to be able to connect an external hard drive. It’s up to you to see if the choice of connectivity offered by the device can meet your needs.

The Price

It goes without saying, the price constitutes an important argument of choice. Rather, it will be based on all of the components described above. But if you compare well, you can find a better value model from another brand, for roughly the same setup. For reference, a good Chromebook can be in the $400 range, an entry-level touchscreen laptop is from $500, the high end over $1,000, etc.

There is also the possibility of leaving on a refurbished touchscreen laptop, often offered at a particularly attractive price. Often these are computers returned for standard exchange because of a small defect in nothing at all. The defective part is replaced, and the product is therefore refurbished, with a warranty.


If you want to replace your old laptop that is too heavy and too slow? The solution may be to acquire a touchscreen laptop, as powerful as a classic PC, but as easy to use as a tablet! Some models are of very good quality, but watch out for more gadget models. After testing many touchscreen laptops we have selected the above best touchscreen laptops available on the market.

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