How to Copy and Paste on Mac

If you want to move text, images, and other such things from one document, or even device to another, on Mac then are in the right place. Moreover on Mac, the keyboard shortcuts can be used for this purpose. In case, of a new Mac user, with a Windows PC background, the new user probably wondering that, how to copy and paste on mac OS. Commonly in the Windows, the Copy and Paste key combinations are simply the Control-C and then Control-V. On Mac, this process is very similar. All you need to do is use the Command key instead of this Control. However, you can find the Command key immediately left of your keyboard’s space bar.

Most famous methods to Copy and Paste on mac:

1# Using Keyboard Shortcuts

Step 1

In this step, you need to select the text and/or image you want to copy. Then you can easily hold down the Shift button while using the up and down arrow keys of your PC to highlight the text from your keyboard. Or you have to just left-click your mouse and then drag it across the text to highlight it.

Mac copy paste

Step 2

Then, you have to press Command+ C on your device keyboard. While you are holding down the Command button, with an icon of ⌘, press the letter C once. In this way, you can easily copy text mac os and or images to your clipboard.

copy text mac os

Step 3


After that in this step, you have to open a program to paste what you copied. Moreover, macs come with the best Text app, which is the best suitable and perfect place to paste and save text and images.

2# Copy and Paste with the help of Mouse:

Step 1

Firstly you have to highlight the text or image you want to copy. And then just right-click on your mouse and choose Copy from the contextual menu that appears.

cop paste with mouse

Step 2

Then open a particular program to paste what you copied. At that time you need to point your cursor to where you want to place the copied content.

Step 3

In this step just right-click on your mouse and choose Paste from the contextual menu.

righhtclick mouse


Here the paste shortcut mac is also available in the Edit menu of most applications.


How do I can copy and paste on Mac Air?

To quickly reuse the text, you can copy it in one location and then paste it to another. So, you have to select the text to copy. After that choose Edit > Copy or press Command-C.

Why can’t I easily copy and paste on my Mac?

Sometimes that can be caused by Mouse Keys enabled, or that some other app is conflicting with your standard keyboard shortcuts. whatever the reason copy and paste are still not working well after this trick, then instantly go ahead and restart the Mac by going to the Apple menu and then choosing Restart.

How do I can use the keyboard to copy and paste?

To Copy, you have to press down the CTRL key with one finger and then just hold it down, now press the letter C with another finger, and then let both go simultaneously.


How to copy and paste on mac book pro is a common issue now a day. Simplest and easy solutions are described in this guide. You must try them now.

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